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Who we are

Instant Money Transfer ™ was established to realize the dream of improving the standard of life of every aspiring Indian. We aim to provide the hundreds of millions of underbanked Indians, who do not have the ability to make payments online with a credit card or to transfer money from bank account to bank account, with a safe and convenient solution to use their cash for online purchases and money remittance.

Today, hundreds of millions of people in India don't have bank accounts. For most, this is because they don't have steady jobs or regular income, no government-issued ID or if they live in rural areas, they may not be within walking distance of a bank or may not be inclined to trust big institutions like banks. Who they trust are the people they know; their friends and family - and the small shopkeepers from whom they regularly buy goods. In partnership with our associated company, we have thus established a network where our branches are there for transfering money.

We provide franchise and branch for those who would like to join in our network. We are Jamnagar's largest processor of immediate payment service and Instant Money Transfer (IMT) to every corner of India.