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If you’re looking for way to make a quick and easy money transfer, IMT India can help with online transfer, you can send money to your near ones with the help of our friendly, professional staff making it easier than ever to send cash overseas..

People make money transfers for a variety of reasons; maybe you need to transfer some cash for a business arrangement, or you may have a friend or relative living abroad and you want to send them a birthday gift, or you could simply just need to top up an overseas bank account. It doesn’t matter why or to whom you’re sending money, all that matters is that it’s fast and efficient – and get’s there safely.


Request emergency money with no cost. You can borrow money from friends without having to pay any additional interest ..


Safety is foremost in IMT-India. Make your movements and transfers quickly and safely. More safety information in IMT-India

Easy to use

Forget payment processes with endless forms, IMT-India has made every effort to develop the easiest and most intuitive payment system.

Intelligent Security

IMT-India guarantees an antifraud system most advanced and solid in the market.

Send payments to your friend

Transfer money to whomever you want and wherever you want with just a few clicks for individuals. Forget ATMs or account numbers, you only need your smartphone connected to IMT-India.

We eliminate the middlemen that raise the price of your transactions, so we can offer national transfers

Make a group payment

Become a group memeber and get the facility to tranfer money to whomever you want and wherever you want upto a limit of 25 accounts. Making collective management of costs is no longer a problem.

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Have confidence sending money with our trusted network of partners

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What Client’s Say

  • Instant Money Transfer provides fast, successfully and securely transfers amount to your relatives or friends instantly.

    Freedom Management Pvt. Ltd

  • Send money to your relatives and friends through Instant Money Transfer. It is a new way of online banking.

    Phulani & Phulani Associates